How can I apply for new elife connection?

For new elife connection process you can contact with us our serving team visit at your given location that you have already cable or not?

If you have no Fiber optics etisalat will reffer to the cabling team to install your cable if you have already cable technical team will fix your connection.

there are two types of services with etisalat

  •  cable
  •  wireless

If fiber optics is in your area then technician configure the router with ONT device if not so then team will install wireless device

The router configuration is same in both case.

New elife connection router configuration

  • Access the router through these two IPS and the other one is httpls:// So just put in browser and keep in mind that your device must be connect with your device
  •  Browser show you login form username and password is given backside on your router
  •  after login at the top navbar click on the LAN setting/ Wifi setting/ Internet setting
  • Click on the wifi pop up appear
  • In which mention 5Ghz and 2.4 Ghz set your SSID name and set the pre shared key
  • put the password your configuration  is complete

Cancellation of elife connection

Mostly people  worried about that how to cancel elife connection. The process is very easy if you have wireless connection call to etisalat helplineand request him to cancel your connection the operator will tell you the remaining amount. Submit the amount to suspend account.

Finber optics agreement is for 2 years. Submit extra one month fee and remaining months device charges.