In the modern era as the companies secure there networking and improving internet security but on the other side the hacking tools and hacker become stronger with pace of time.
So the complexity increase that for those who don’t know that how to secure there home new elife connection. mostly the ISP technical team secure but sometime if they don’t do this.
How to secure your own connection. your security loose due to below reasons.

Disable mac filter of new elife connection

sometime we disable mac filter due to disability of mac filter if any body hack your wifi password he/she can use your internet so that’s why if we enable mac filter we can control this thing
because mac filter is basically the filter that which one device is filtered through router to provide internet. for this thing we access our router and add the mac address of devices who’s we want to
use our wifi for enabling mac filter the steps are below
write in your browser your router will be access and username, password will be given backside of router
Go to your gateway settings. Enter the Modem Access Code found on the side of your gateway. Select Home Network > Mac Filtering. From the MAC Filtering Type drop down, select Enabled.
In Mac Filter Entry, either: Select your devices’ MAC addresses. Enter the MAC address in the Manual Entry field. Select Add. Select Save. now your new elife connection is secured.

Selecting security type WAP1 or WAP2

WAP1 just encrypted TLS data but WAP2 is end to end in WAP 2 client is connect directly with application server so when you fixed your new elife connection select WAP2 security
for this process steps are below
Enter your router user name and password if prompted and click Ok. [ Show Me]
Click the Wireless Settings icon in the top toolbar. [ Show Me]
Click Advanced Security Settings in the left navigation panel. [ …
Select WPA2 in the Level 1 section to enable WPA2 network encryption.

Selecting easy password

Sometime we use very easy password because we can’t remember but we don’t know that basically we loose our security
so for best security you should keep your password like that “[email protected]*C$h6S!vt5uF”. So this password we can’t remember but stored as a soft copy.
if you are living in UAE for best ISP you can contact with us. When you fixed your new elife connection the above steps is very important to secure your home internet connection.